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Mission & Values


To be able to demonstrate in the span of our activity the expertise, which makes us unique thanks to the high quality of the pieces we create, the commitment to fulfill our clients’ dearest dreams and complete dedication in the representation of the brands that trust us to make them notable in the markets we operate in.

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David Rosas belonged to the fourth generation of a family with a long tradition in jewelry.

For three decades, has been creating unique, timeless pieces of jewelry that strive for originality and sophistication.

Always maintaining a commitment to the highest quality and exception with its customers, the house David Rosas offers a unique legacy of knowledge, experience, skill and passion.

Quality & Excellence

Out of the knowledge built up over generations, the wisdom of experience gained in manufacturing a bank of craftsmanship and skill and the most cosmopolitan international relations, in the technique and art of designing unique jewelry to the very highest quality standards, in the sheer dedication to the most minute detail of their production, in the systematic updating of information and development, in the confidence of the best world brands for fine jewelry and watches and in the personal commitment and involvement in how each client is advised lie the unique values of David Rosas. º0

Innovation, Professionalism and Exclusivity

Exceptionality and a spirit that values passion and innovation are the genetic traits of these renowned Portuguese jewellers, making David Rosas a reputed brand and cherished by clients, suppliers and partners.

David Rosas continues to be a symbol of professionalism and coherence – following the highest ethical standards –, and a synonym of sophistication and exclusivity, thanks to the unique collections made available in their stores with their differentiating “in store” experience, placing the brand in a very unique place in the Portuguese market.

Innovation, Professionalism and Exclusivity

With deep Portuguese roots, impregnated with the finest jewel making traditions, we take pride in representing Portugal outside its borders, and introducing it to our visitors. We privilege investment in our country, in our area of expertise, and the promotion of our culture as a reference. Our standards guarantee international acknowledgment in a world of luxury and exclusivity.

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