Creation Process

About Us

Creation Process

What sets us apart

  • Our production demands a precise artisanal work by highly regarded master jewellers.
  • Our jewellery is our creation and we personally supervise its production, from the selection of the best gems and precious metals, to the finishing of the product which we then place in our stores.
  • Our family has created, produced and sold gold and jewellery pieces for five generations
  • We frequently travel to the world’s main events in our area of expertise, which allows for a better awareness of the national and international markets, and where we exchange precious information.
  • We are proud to have the confidence of Patek Philippe, that has made us their exclusive representatives in Portugal.
  • We are the only company with simultaneous representation of Patek Philippe, Rolex and Cartier, providing specialized, trained and certified technical assistance.
  • We have five stores in privileged places to meet our public: Porto - Av. Boavista and Norteshopping Lisboa - Av. Liberdade, Lisboa - Centro Colombo, Algarve - Quinta do Lago and Funchal.
  • Our stores are special places where we convey our knowledge; to care for, advise, explain and reveal – these are our everyday tasks.
  • We organize several annual events in our stores, in association with our brands, allowing a more direct contact between those brands and our clients
  • The quality of our services and expertise is acknowledged by the stakeholders of our area, either clients, partners or competitors
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