When Georges Favre-Jacot created his watch manufacture in 1865, he already knew that emotion is born from the combination of boldness with authenticity. Later on, and in order to suggest his brand offered the best in expertise and quality standards, he chose the highest point in the sky to name his company: ZENITH.

The founder of Zenith Manufacture showed his boldness ready on his first year of activity. This visionary man built in Le Locle – a small town in the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel – a set of wide and luminous workshops under the same roof, where he aimed to combine every procedure in the watchmaking art. And so the first combined watchmaking manufacture was born, and still stands on its inaugural site. In these workshops he was able to develop and produce every single component and to control every step in the production process, from blank movements to enamel or painted dials and even cases. Very rapidly, the watchmaker conveyed his artisans his own vocation: to imagine with full creative freedom the alpha and the omega of unparalleled watches.

Indeed, innovation became such a trademark for Zenith that throughout its history the Manufacture registered over 300 patents, created more than 600 varieties of movements and currently holds the absolute record for awards in the area of chronometry – 2333, to be precise.

Launched in 1969, the first integrated chronograph mechanical movement that beats to an astounding beat of 36 000 vph, the El Primero chronograph, continues to be an iconic model.

It remains, in fact, the world’s most precise serial calibre – a feat only possible with the help of the men and women who have helped creating it, because the Manufacture owes its fame, handed out from generation to generation, to the talent and passion of its artisans, as well as the incredible projects carried out by extraordinary protagonists such as aviators, explorers or more modest adventurers. From Louis Blériot in 1909, to Felix Baumgartner in 2012, and Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, who discovered the South Pole in 1911, the history of Zenith is hot-branded by characters who perfectly embody its genetic code: to inflate the adventurous spirit of those who defy rules, in search of freedom and happiness.

In the world of watchmaking, brands must make leave their mark, which depends mainly on the creation of a different world. Zenith is therefore based in benchmark values with which everyone – client or employee – may identify.

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