Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin, the world’s oldest watch Manufacture, has never stopped creating and innovating. Drawing its inspiration from an existing wealth of successes and from its own traditions of excellence, it is able to create watches with exemplary lines and volumes, in harmony with the most authentic contemporary spirit.  Down through changing eras, the shapes and decorative motifs are consistently aimed at achieving a universal, timelessly refined aesthetic appeal that is never ostentatious.

It was in 1755 that a brilliant master-watchmaker named Jean-Marc Vacheron opened his workshop at the heart of Geneva. An open-minded and scholarly individual inspired by the humanist current of thought, this “cabinotier” – as the Geneva watchmaking craftsmen were called at the time – soon began making exceptionally finely fashioned watches that were to earn a reputation that spread well beyond national borders. He was to transmit his talent, his knowledge and his sense of excellence to numerous generations of his descendents.

The history of Vacheron Constantin has been forged by the quest for excellence, in harmony with its motto “Do better if possible and that is always possible”.

That is why all Vacheron Constantin watches issued from 1755 to the present day can benefit from repair, overhaul or restoration work scrupulously complying with the aesthetic and technical criteria of each individual timepiece.

Vacheron Constantin builds upon its enduring watchmaking know-how by promoting in-house training. Its master-watchmakers are thus also responsible for educating new generations of watchmakers with respect to the brand’s stringent quality demands.

This means customers can be sure of getting the best possible service. Always.

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