The art of creating Watches

Since its foundation in 1828, OMEGA hasn’t stopped offering important contributions to the art of watchmaking. One example is the calibre Omega, launched in 1894, and another, the Marine, created in 1932. There is also the Speedmaster in1957, and the Co-axial calibres, which would revolutionize the watchmaking industry half a century later. OMEGA is acknowledged in various professional areas, but the firm has remained faithful to its motto, established more than 160 years ago: state of the art watchmaking.

Spirit and History

Our pioneer spirit has led us to the moon, helped us to conquer the depths of the oceans and allowed us to chronometer the most important sports events of the world. At the same time, we have set precision records and have constantly redefined modern mechanical watchmaking since 1848. We are proud of that legacy and of our commitment to innovation, which has led us to the launching of the exclusive OMEGA Co-Axial calibres. Such deeds are born from the dynamism and strong spirit which has made OMEGA one of the leading watchmakers in the world.

Pioneer Spirit

OMEGA is known for its pioneer spirit. The brand has actively participated in some of the most challenging and fascinating adventures in the history of mankind: the conquest of space, including six moon landings; the first diving watch in 1932 (and we still produce the most advanced waterproof watches); more precision records than any other brand; international sporting chronometry, including the Olympic Games; an airplane created to circumnavigate the Earth, powered only by solar energy.

Sporting Spirit

Sporting chronometry is a part of Omega’s history for more than one century. It pleases us to service men and women than inspire us with their determination in being the best in their area of expertise. Their results deserve perfect timing, impeccable information and to be recorded for the benefit of future generations. OMEGA is responsible for timing the most prestigious sporting events in the world, including 25 Olympic Games, and is also responsible for the development of the equipment necessary to keep the high performance of their created technology.

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