Louis Erard

Louis Erard was born in La Chaux-de-fonds to a family of watchmakers. Twenty years of diligent training at school and in the workshops of Neuchâtel provided him with the demanding know-how which led him to create a company and then file his own brand Louis Erard et Fils in 1930.

His sons, René and Jean-Louis assisted him from 1945, a year of economic recovery and hope following the war.

In 1956, Louis Erard was given the right to manufacture his own movements and launched himself into modifying movements bearing his seal. René and Jean-Louis then followed in their father’s footsteps until Paul, the grandson of Louis and from a banking background, provided a more commercial approach in 1969, which generated rapid growth for the brand.

There then followed years of prosperity, especially in the Middle and Far East, and ambitious investments up to 1992, when ownership of the company was transferred and it was relocated to Le Noirmont, where it is still located today.

Since 2003, year of the brand revival, Louis Erard is marching to a creativity rhythm.

In 2011, the brand celebrated its 80th anniversary, commemorating a rich history of horological tradition and contemporary luxury.

Every Louis Erard timepiece is still manufactured in Switzerland and, with full respect for the principles of Haute Horlogerie, houses a mechanical movement. For the brand, a mechanical watch is not a machine, but a living object. Something tactile that beats, stops and is started again.

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