La Montre Hermès

Precious time

Hermès embodies the spirit of a world where the exceptional springs to life and each object tells a different story – timeless and unique!

In 1992, Jacqueline Hermès, daughter of Emile Hermès, was photographed wearing a watch gracefully resting on her wrist, with and elegant leather strap. This image illustrates how the brand’s excellence for watches started very early.

In 1920, Hermès started to invest in watches, in a time in which the brand’s expertise in creating leather products also included fine leather bracelets for timepieces. This is where the style of the French House adjusts to the spirit of the objects made for “time keepers”.

In 1928 the brand launches the mythical Ermeto watch and, years later, the famous Belt-watch, a belt with a clock imagined for golfers.

For many years, Hermès sold watches created and produced especially by the most prestigious manufactures. In 1978, Hermès was established as a watch manufacture and inaugurated La Montre Hermès S.A. in Bienne, Switzerland.

Based in the heart of the traditional watchmaking area in Switzerland, Hermès benefited from the spirit of the region. The Parisian creativity for luxury products had finally found the perfect connection with the Swiss watchmaking traditions.

The Heure-H, created by Philippe Mouquet, the Cape Cod, a model imagined by Henry D´Origny and the first watch in History to be presented with a double-tour strap, based on Martin Margiela’s idea, or the Kelly watch inspired in the iconic purse worn by princess Grace Kelly, are all stars in the watchmaking pantheon by Hermès, and continuously surprise us by their creativity, elegance and glamour.

The watches created by Hermès are magical and unique pieces through which we can poetically unveil the secrets of time.

For Hermès, Time is the most precious thing in the world, so each watch has its own story to tell and is created to make us dream.

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