Fred Samuel was born in Buenos Aires in 1908, as the son of a Lorraine jeweler who emigrated into Argentina. While he spent most of his professional life in Paris, the lights of South America remained with him, inspiring each element of Fred’s life work.


Early in his career, Fred Samuel was inspired by a type of pearl cultivated in Japan. Soon, he was recognized in an expert in the field, collecting the most beautiful specimens in the world. In fact, FRED’s signature color, a pink-infused white, where inspired by these breathtaking gems.


Fred Samuel's name is synonymous with stones of color. When royals of Nepal asked him for pieces that could matching with the saris of the court in the 1950s, Fred’s passion for colored stones ignites. His love of stones reaches its peak in 1977, when Fred Samuel presents the Golden Sun, a light yellow diamond of 105,54 carats, considered as one of the most extraordinary to the world.



As he raised two young boys, Fred Samuel passed his passion of for sailing and rowing his two sons. In 1966, his eldest son took a risk no designer had dreamt of: he braided marine cables, secured both ends to a buckle and gave the creation to his wife as a gift. So began FRED’s signature and expansive Force 10 collection.

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